Miss Noce’s Screening at HU

Mooz-Lum the Movie by Qasim Basir. My very first screening at Howard University!! So you can imagine how excited I was.

Now due to delayed booking and such, I had only two days to promote this event, which really upset me because I definitely didn’t think this event should go unheard of, not because I planned it, but because I really wanted my family at Howard to watch and reflect on an amazing movie.

Well needless to say, my event that started at 7:30 was packed by 7:20 😉 .. That’s what happens when a publicist throws on an event. I have my ways to get it on & rocking!! The screening room was packed, and when I say packed I mean, “excuse me don’t want to step on your head” packed. People sat on the floor, stood by the door and stood outside the room just to be around that atmosphere.

My co-host, Dr. Gregory Carr, of Howard University was phenomenal. I think he was more excited than I was. 😉 !

The event started off with an introduction by me of myself and why I was presenting this movie. Then I had Ray Baker of WHUR Media and also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity say some opening remarks to lock in our audience attention and to set the tone for the event. Directly after, we began our screening. The reactions on the audience’s faces were priceless. You could hear and see, laughter, sighs of relief, angry facial expressions, gasps all in one room.

As soon as the movie ended, I brought our guest star, writer and director of the film Qasim Basir. It was humbling for us all, and the students were so excited. He took us on a ride of his past experiences in his life, advice about black movies, and the making of Mooz-Lum the Movie . He inspired many people in the room, and not just the aspiring film makers, but every student, to be bold about their passions and “stick with it”. It was certainly a treat for Howard University, and a treat for myself as well! I always enjoy moments with Qasim. Quite a charming and funny man.

We ended with some question and answers, and a gift from myself, and from his fraternity brothers of the Alpha Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. I think Qasim really felt loved at that point. Of course Dr. Carr had to add “remember you’re always home when you’re here”

The most memorable moment for me, when a young lady said to Qasim ” I watched an interview you did months ago,and I said oh my god I really hope to meet him one day – and now here you are”

That meant the world to me, because somehow,someway I was able to make something happen for a young lady who found this moment so necessary in her life.

I believe in pushing a positive vision. Always.

DC Restaurant Week:An Experience

A lover of fine dining and food in general I decided to participate in DC Restaurant week. I felt it was only necessary as a young lady to be a bit more knowledgeable on fine dining in D.C. without being charged my rent bill for it. geez.

I had plans for a reservation at the Le Chaumiere on Monday, but I had to cancel my reservations which really sucked! However, I still stuck with my other two reservations and had an amazing time at each other them.

First restaurant I went to was Charlie Palmer’s Steak House. I dined here on the evening of August 18th, at 7:30 pm. I brought my lovely soror Nicole with me! yay!!

Now this place was PHENOMENAL.

Seated almost immediately as soon as we got there, the atmosphere was very uppity/congress like. The service was on point, however, it kept on reminding me of the movie Salt (you know the one with Angelina Jolie). I say this because at first I was confused about who our server was. One guy took our food order, the next took our wine order, next someone else came to ask us if we wanted more drinks, so I was just confused, but it could’ve have been because I’m just not used to folks being so attentive. Lol. Silly me!

Anyway we had an amazing time, the food was to die for! Like seriously, I died & went to heaven each with each bite. Orgasmic!! Nicole’s facial expressions had me dyinggg!! LOL! She clearly was in pure bliss when she took that bite of the chocolate mousse.. hmmmm yumm… It was awesomnessss!!!!!!Then one of our lovely waiters decided to surprise us by having an escort show us the rooftop with the gorgeous view.  From the rooftop, DC was breathtaking from the Capitol Hill, Library of Congress, to the Masonic Temple in Virginia. The young man said they had several events there throughout the year.. Amazing. & I promise you I will be having an event up there very soon 😉


Check out our delectables 😉



Friday, August 19th – Carmines


My group dinner was at Carmines!!! Yayyy Carmines! Carmines is the best to go for group dinners because one meal feeds 3-5 people. Now you just have to go with a good group especially if you haven’t dined there before. I went with my client Ivory Lawrence & his wife, my assistant Kristin Tellis, my line sister Timeka Perryman and my 3 good male friends, Nick Nelson, Anthony Graham and Jeffrey Tribble ( Jeff Boyardee).

Now I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous because it was raining cats & dogs that evening, which can be a bummer, and also I was hoping I wouldn’t have to carry the conversation all night. Let me just share how SURPRISED I was to say I couldn’t even fit a word in. This crew bonded in less than 5 mins, seriously looking from the another table you would’ve thought we were cousins catching up! Conversation ranged from how Ivory proposed to his wife, to my terrible singing, and our individual endeavors. It was amazing and I had a blast!




Our food was on point! Now I won’t lie and say our service was great. The waiter took our order and never came back till the food the arrived, & the food took forever to come! He didn’t check on us but I guess his attitude did change during the latter part of dinner.

O well, couldn’t ruin our fun!!


Dinner Menu for 8 people (keep in mind each meal feeds 3-5 ppl) & we had leftovers!

Penne A La Vodka, Spinach, Stuffed Mushrooms, Chicken Marsala, Pasta Bolognese, Shrimp Scampi & Strawberry Short Cake – $262.00 incl. tax & gratuity J

& It was my lovely assistant’s birthday !! So of course it added to the celebration because the sang for her and all that jazz!


Tips for restaurant week

  • Book your reservations early
  • Try a restaurant you usually wouldn’t dine at.
  • Pick a good group of friends or a good friend to go with
  • Avoid picky eaters – makes the experience difficult. Im Just saying
  • Bring Cash – & don’t be a cheap spender!
  • & TIP TIP TIP your waiter.
  • Blog about the experience or at least share someway somehow!!

Radio Show

The Build Up! on @EliteDCRadio this past Monday was awesome. Our topic “Tales from the 20 Something Publicists” was a hit. Check out the first 10 minutes of the show where I interviewed Publicist Patrice Cameau of CommunPR about the PR strategy behind her client, Tony Lewis Jr.’s Hoodie Award.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture the entire show in audio, but we’ll try again this Monday.

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(Photo Caption: Guests on the 8/15 Show, “The 20 Something Publicists” (R-L Shanae Monique and Raevyn Jones of Ideal Publicity, Natasha, Simona Joy Noce of L’Afropolitan PR & Special Events, Simona’s Assistant Kristin, and Armani Worrell of W. Public Relations. Great show!!

Tales of A 20 Something Publicist

Check me out on Monday, August 15th 7-8PM on Elite DC Radio for #TheBuildUp for ‘Tales of a 20 something publicist”

I will be giving PR tips and sharing my experiences with other elite DC PR Pros 😉 Tune In!!

The Build Up! w/ @ThinkBrownINK a power hour for ELITE entrepreneurs. Mon. 7-8p EST on @EliteDCRadio. Emphasis on PR/Marketing Tips. Music by @DJSchemes.http://elitedcradio.streamon.fm/



Miss Black USA 2011

The Miss Black USA Pageant 2011 was held on Monday, September 8th 2011, in Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Theater.

I was invited by a very good friend of mine Miss Black USA 2010, Osas Ighodaro. I was honored to be invited and was determined to show my support to her as she passed down her crown, to the next young lady to take the reign. An actress,model, and advocate for community empowerment, Osas is a Nigerian beauty raised in New York.   This girl is filled with culture, a fear of God, and city swag.


I took 3 friends of mine, Khoran Lee, Alexandria Croom, and Donna Butler.

The show kicked off with a choreographed dance with 50 girls including Osas to Beyonce’s “Who Run The World (Girls).” After the empowering moment, the final 16 finalists were announced. Shout out to Miss Black USA New Jersey ( Nicole Stanley) , for sporting out that natural fro!, natural and from Jersey like me ;)!

Sixteen beautiful black ladies performed a fitness dance, modeled in an evening gown, shared their talent and finally the Q&A portion.



Might I add there were some good questions that were asked, and all of them answered very well.

I was proud of the confidence the girls took to compete. I simply could not have the courage to step out in front of a large audience to perform, walk, talk, and model.

Throughout the evening I took a strong liking to Miss Black Oklahoma (Sheray Franklin) but the shocking part is she didn’t event place! What the crap? I was appalled! I mean yes she may have stumbled on the Q&A portion a bit, but she did wrap it up very well, and gave great answers anyway. I mean even if that knocked her from 1st place, she should have been 2nd or 3rd place. I definitely went backstage after the event to tell her how proud I was of her and how fabulous she did!

Now Miss Black Pennsylvania (Jillian Patricia Pirtle) was HILARIOUS!! She was like a Mo’Nique in the making! Charismatic, confident, and entertaining!

All the girls did a fabulous job, but there is always that one girl who knocked it out the park! Miss Black Texas, Oceilia Gibson!! This young lady is gorgeous and answered her question very eloquently and to the point.

I had an amazing time, enjoyed the show, but most importantly I support and appreciate this pageant for giving these ladies a platform to advocate, shine and believe in themselves in an effort to change our community! Love it!

For more information on Miss Black USA http://www.missblackusa.org

The Miss Black USA Pageant 2011 was held on Monday September 8th 2011, in Washington,D.C at the Lincoln Theater.



Mooz-LUM the MOVIE

I took a break from my busy life to look the world in the face and scream PAUSE!! What could I do that would relax my mind yet take me away to another world, open my eyes to new concepts and entertain me? BAM! I’ve heard so much about Mooz-Lum The Movie because everybody and their mother,sister,agent,photographer,and publicist has watched this movie and I have heard nothing less than amazing reviews about it.

So I prepared a chicken sandwich, got comfortable under the covers,and bought my copy of Mooz-Lum from Itunes for only $10! Not bad ehh.. ?! Now I’m really not a movie type of girl unless I really am looking forward to watching, however I figured I’ll give this a shot because its concept is quite interesting. Targeting the issue of Islamophobia that has enlarged and spread after the 9/11 tragedies, Qasim Basir wrote and directed a film about a Muslim college student, Tariq, who grew up in a very strict home and now  battles his determination to disassociate himself from his muslim beliefs in college. It seems to work fine for him until he is left to defend his life when racism and religious division rises after an uproar of the secular student body! Now I know there has always been Islamophobia and all that mess, but I must say, to create a movie through the lenses of a Muslim student and his interactions is certainly an eye-opener, mind changer and heartfelt film. With its amazing cast including Evan Ross, Nia Long , Danny Glover and more, the actors captured the essence of the message drawing the viewer into this reality that we all can identify with even if we’re not Muslims.

We can all thank Qasim Basir for this amazing piece and show him support by buying this movie. It feels good to watch the product of a man whose goal is to shape the minds of people by allowing them to enter a different world through film.

“Mooz-Lum the Movie was made to open the hearts and minds of people. We want the world to be more enlightened” – Qasim Basir

A good friend of mine and a lover of film and everything real, genuine and inspiring, Qasim Basir has delivered an excellent piece!

Download your copy on Itunes 😉

For booking information for Qasim Basir to speak at your college or another location please contact simona@lafropolitan.com





Bon Apetito !

DC Restaurant Week is almost here all!!

I think this is such a fantastic idea for folks, especially us young folks with not a lot of money, to treat and dine ourselves at restaurants we wouldn’t usually check out. Usually we have our fast food places and I’m not solely talking about Mickey D’z but casual dining like apple bees, Ruby Tuesdays,Nandos,  Chipotle or whatever. If we really want to dine out with our friends for a birthday dinner or whatever , most people , at least in my life experiences pick the usual “nice places”.

How about we switch it up .. I absolutely LOVE dining out and trying out new dishes in fantastic environments plus sometimes meeting the Chef! ( I get it from my daddy 😉 )

DC restaurant week is a time when DC’s finest and most expensive restaurants indulge in an affordable experience for everyone.

Gourmet Prix-Fixe Menus
August 15-21, 2011
$20.11 Lunches & $35.11 Dinners

Isn’t that awesome!!??

Well yes I think it is.. So In an effort to participate in this time I have booked my reservations at a Steakhouse for 2, A French Restaurant for 2 and an Italian restaurant for 10. Yes I’ll be eating good with some good people..

Can’t have a great dining experience without some great people and good conversation 😉 !!

I’ll let you know how it goes.. stay tuned..

But for now you can book your reservations as well! Hurry!


Mr. Ivory Lawrence

Hello All!! Just want to share with you an amazing experience and person I have encountered in my life. Mr. Ivory Lawrence . WOW. Mr. Ivory Lawrence is a photographer based in the DMV area , who has raised the bar in the world of photography.

Now just because I am his publicist doesn’t mean im contracted to blog about him on my personal outlet, HOWEVER, because I make it my business to share all the good in life so that you may experience, here you go, take and INDULGE!

On a gorgeous summer afternoon, downtown DC, my very good friend ( and business partner) Dunnie Onasanya took Ivory up on an offer to handle our photo shoot for our PR & Event planning businesses. Now this was an amazing offer because not only did Dunnie & I not have professional pictures together yet, but we also needed to sample what our client is all about for ourselves. It was a first class experience I tell you! Ivory had us laughing throughout the shoot, yet managed to capture the realness of expression, poise, pose and character in our images.

He posed us, directing us to ” Look this way” “stand that way”  and my favorite “oo that was good!”

All in all it was a great experience, great photographer, great day and most importantly great pictures.

Check out Ivory Lawrence and contact him for your own personal shoot. He comes with a whole team of stylists and make-up artists for such a great price! (Trust me, the price is amazing).




Also follow me on twitter @missnoce

Enjoy 😉

American Black Film Festival

During the summer many folks associate the season with several things like the beach, cook outs, summer clothes, water park , and for some is the American Black Film Festival. A week-long festival,founded by Howard Alum Jeff Friday, celebrating and raising awareness on black films, actors, writers, produces and more.

It is safe to say that the ABFF has come a long way to be finally establish itself as Miami’s busiest week during the summer. This year, the annual 3-day  American Black Film Festival was held in Miami, July 6th-9th

It was my pleasure to serve on the dynamic volunteer team for the ABFF, consisting of 35 ABFF team members.

As the press assistant, social media manager and photographic liaison, I was on my feet 24/7, no sleep , but I was learning and tapping into a part of me that I had never met. let me pay homage to the fantastic PR DUO Lisa Sorenson and Chandra McQueen of the SorensonMcQueen Group, who handled all PR for the ABFF. Lisa & Chandra displayed excellence and beautiful grace under pressure. I love my black women who handle business! Beauty & Brains all the way.


& What a treat it was to be handle the shot-list for Terrence Jennings! THEEEEE Terrence Jennings!


The whole week consisted of 8AM staff meetings, checking into the press room, sticking to the shot list schedule , handling media on the red carpet, and of course the after parties!

The festival was amazing, inspiring, excellent and beneficial. Each day was filled with master classes,panels, screenings, marquee events and fun networking functions.Masterclasses held by seasoned actors,writers,directors and film makers Robert Townsend,John Singleton, Bill Dukes and Michael Elliot were the highlight for the aspiring film makers and writers who attended the festival. Panels and Conversations with representatives of Code Black Entertainment, Grab Networks, Paula Patton were informative and engaging. Screenings of short films in competition for the HBO Short Film competition were shown all day at the Colony Theatre. Documentaries and other screenings were shown as well.

Can’t forget the celebrities that were in the house!! Anthony Anderson, Robert Townsend, Laz Alonso, Regina King, Elyse Neal, Jaszmine Lewis, Eric Benet, Keenan Ivory Wayans (who was this year’s honoree) , the Wayans brothers, Persia White, Mekhi Phiper and many more!

At the ABFF Award Show – The Red Carpet was live! The Winners of the HBO Short Film Competition were ecstatic! & the words of the honoree Keenan Ivory Wayans touched and inspired the audience!

Sponsors of the festival , Greygoose, Gold Peak Tea and Cadillac were in the house full force appealing and promoting their products by hosting special events. The Cadillac Lounge featured Laz Alonso taking pictures and signing his picture for fans, the Greygoose splash party featured Chef Garvin, and Gold Peak Tea supplied unlimited teas to all festival guest.

The after parties were fun fun fun however I am so done with Greygoose! Greygoose was everywhere! Greygoose tea, greygoose juice, Greygoose, Greygoose Greygoose! sheesh! promotion on a hundred!!

So yes the festival was a success HOWEVER I cannot neglect to mention the most important part , the ABFF TEAM! WOW WOW WOW! I left with unbreakable friendships with young ladies who are dynamic! I have never worked with a team who were passionate,driven and supportive! After a week, we were family!! A special shout out to founder of ABFF Jeff Friday and Producer Reggie Scott for inspiring us each morning with a reflection quote or though, and inspiring us with key words like “Be a Forward Thinker”.

I left feeling inspired, feeling accomplished, and with a whole bunch of business cards and good friends! It felt good to be a part of something bigger than me, something for us by us!


For more coverage read


Dark Girls

Preview Dark Girls Documentary

Very interesting and fabulous documentary that I suggest every black woman and man should watch.

Funny thing is, before moving to this country from Ghana ( yes, I’m from Ghana) I never knew anything about colorism especially within the black race. My mother is dark-skinned and 95% of my girlfriends are dark-skinned & if not dark-skinned sure as hell darker than me, so I had this complex for a long time about hating being light-skinned.  I hated putting blush on cause I thought it just looked better on a darker-skinned girl, and I also thought they were strong and had tougher-skin (literally, cause I would bruise easily).

Truth of the matter is I grew out of that phase, & I wish everybody else who still has a light-skinned/dark-skinned negative mentality would to! We’re all gorgeous sexy chocolateeees in my eyes 😉

shout out to all my dark-skinned beautiful girlfriends who are beautiful on the outside but especially on the inside. Is that not what matters? ooo America!