New Day,New Dawn

Hello Hello Hello:)

It’s been about a month since I last posted, and I haven’t been here since 2011!

So first things first,Happy New Year! I hope this year started of as exciting, lowkey ratchet, and as ambitious as it did for me.

2012 has already brought several changes. First, I’m completely done with my Howard University academic career, so I am no longer walking the halls of the School of Communications, confined to my Cap Comm office and certainly not lounging on the yard. *tear*. I don’t miss it, except when I drive past campus and then it hits me. It’s especially weird because the sole reason I moved to Washington, D.C was for Howard University, so its like what’s next?I’ve been in school my whole life, and now I’m not. Now I’m not going to lie, and act as if I have not been waiting for this spectacular moment of not being in a love/hate relationship with my textbooks, and professors, but I do feel a bit confused about life now.

Anyway, I say all that to say , I’m excited, I’m at a great place and I am ready to take on what 2012 may bring. I decided to stay in D.C, instead of moving to LA or NY as I originally planned. So bring it on world!

I got hired as the Policy and Communication Associate for The Rebecca Project of Human Rights. It’s been such a wonderful experience already because my heart has always been fond of non profit work. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It brings me great joy to utilize my public relations expertise for social advocacy and grassroots campaign! Lets make a change!

I’m also building L’Afropolitan PR and we’re going up up up! Looking for interns, and building up my team. I’m hosting monthly networking events for young professionals in DC so stay tuned for that.

On a lighter note, I’ve been staying true and faithful to my Zumba classes, enjoying all the events and restaurant weeks DC has to offer,volunteering however,whenever and wherever I can and taking a stab at falling in love in DC.

oh and BTW. I dyed my hair black. & I’m thinking about getting my nose pierced. I got a new apartment by myself and a new car named Nina!  Big thangs poppin’ 😉

Oh and I’m looking to make new friends.

So yep, that’s pretty much it. Living my 20’s in DC 🙂