Laugh At My Pain!! One word – HILARIOUS!

So I had the priviledge of leading Kevin Hart’s HBCU Social Media Campaign for this movie. This is because I work with the SorensonMcQueen group as the junior publicist, so I get to work on cool projects like these.

Anyway it was fun fun! I got HBCU movers & shakers involved to spread the word. It was tons of fun. I got HBCUBuzz, Jae Murphy, The Kappas and WHBC Howard University Radio. We had LAMP Packs which included posters and DVD’s. Those left our hands quickly 😉 We used Twitter to push our campaign and I must say it was very successful.

So if you haven’t already. Go check it out!! You will NOT be disappointed.


Miss Noce’s Screening at HU

Mooz-Lum the Movie by Qasim Basir. My very first screening at Howard University!! So you can imagine how excited I was.

Now due to delayed booking and such, I had only two days to promote this event, which really upset me because I definitely didn’t think this event should go unheard of, not because I planned it, but because I really wanted my family at Howard to watch and reflect on an amazing movie.

Well needless to say, my event that started at 7:30 was packed by 7:20 😉 .. That’s what happens when a publicist throws on an event. I have my ways to get it on & rocking!! The screening room was packed, and when I say packed I mean, “excuse me don’t want to step on your head” packed. People sat on the floor, stood by the door and stood outside the room just to be around that atmosphere.

My co-host, Dr. Gregory Carr, of Howard University was phenomenal. I think he was more excited than I was. 😉 !

The event started off with an introduction by me of myself and why I was presenting this movie. Then I had Ray Baker of WHUR Media and also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity say some opening remarks to lock in our audience attention and to set the tone for the event. Directly after, we began our screening. The reactions on the audience’s faces were priceless. You could hear and see, laughter, sighs of relief, angry facial expressions, gasps all in one room.

As soon as the movie ended, I brought our guest star, writer and director of the film Qasim Basir. It was humbling for us all, and the students were so excited. He took us on a ride of his past experiences in his life, advice about black movies, and the making of Mooz-Lum the Movie . He inspired many people in the room, and not just the aspiring film makers, but every student, to be bold about their passions and “stick with it”. It was certainly a treat for Howard University, and a treat for myself as well! I always enjoy moments with Qasim. Quite a charming and funny man.

We ended with some question and answers, and a gift from myself, and from his fraternity brothers of the Alpha Chapter, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. I think Qasim really felt loved at that point. Of course Dr. Carr had to add “remember you’re always home when you’re here”

The most memorable moment for me, when a young lady said to Qasim ” I watched an interview you did months ago,and I said oh my god I really hope to meet him one day – and now here you are”

That meant the world to me, because somehow,someway I was able to make something happen for a young lady who found this moment so necessary in her life.

I believe in pushing a positive vision. Always.