DC Restaurant Week:An Experience

A lover of fine dining and food in general I decided to participate in DC Restaurant week. I felt it was only necessary as a young lady to be a bit more knowledgeable on fine dining in D.C. without being charged my rent bill for it. geez.

I had plans for a reservation at the Le Chaumiere on Monday, but I had to cancel my reservations which really sucked! However, I still stuck with my other two reservations and had an amazing time at each other them.

First restaurant I went to was Charlie Palmer’s Steak House. I dined here on the evening of August 18th, at 7:30 pm. I brought my lovely soror Nicole with me! yay!!

Now this place was PHENOMENAL.

Seated almost immediately as soon as we got there, the atmosphere was very uppity/congress like. The service was on point, however, it kept on reminding me of the movie Salt (you know the one with Angelina Jolie). I say this because at first I was confused about who our server was. One guy took our food order, the next took our wine order, next someone else came to ask us if we wanted more drinks, so I was just confused, but it could’ve have been because I’m just not used to folks being so attentive. Lol. Silly me!

Anyway we had an amazing time, the food was to die for! Like seriously, I died & went to heaven each with each bite. Orgasmic!! Nicole’s facial expressions had me dyinggg!! LOL! She clearly was in pure bliss when she took that bite of the chocolate mousse.. hmmmm yumm… It was awesomnessss!!!!!!Then one of our lovely waiters decided to surprise us by having an escort show us the rooftop with the gorgeous view.  From the rooftop, DC was breathtaking from the Capitol Hill, Library of Congress, to the Masonic Temple in Virginia. The young man said they had several events there throughout the year.. Amazing. & I promise you I will be having an event up there very soon 😉


Check out our delectables 😉



Friday, August 19th – Carmines


My group dinner was at Carmines!!! Yayyy Carmines! Carmines is the best to go for group dinners because one meal feeds 3-5 people. Now you just have to go with a good group especially if you haven’t dined there before. I went with my client Ivory Lawrence & his wife, my assistant Kristin Tellis, my line sister Timeka Perryman and my 3 good male friends, Nick Nelson, Anthony Graham and Jeffrey Tribble ( Jeff Boyardee).

Now I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous because it was raining cats & dogs that evening, which can be a bummer, and also I was hoping I wouldn’t have to carry the conversation all night. Let me just share how SURPRISED I was to say I couldn’t even fit a word in. This crew bonded in less than 5 mins, seriously looking from the another table you would’ve thought we were cousins catching up! Conversation ranged from how Ivory proposed to his wife, to my terrible singing, and our individual endeavors. It was amazing and I had a blast!




Our food was on point! Now I won’t lie and say our service was great. The waiter took our order and never came back till the food the arrived, & the food took forever to come! He didn’t check on us but I guess his attitude did change during the latter part of dinner.

O well, couldn’t ruin our fun!!


Dinner Menu for 8 people (keep in mind each meal feeds 3-5 ppl) & we had leftovers!

Penne A La Vodka, Spinach, Stuffed Mushrooms, Chicken Marsala, Pasta Bolognese, Shrimp Scampi & Strawberry Short Cake – $262.00 incl. tax & gratuity J

& It was my lovely assistant’s birthday !! So of course it added to the celebration because the sang for her and all that jazz!


Tips for restaurant week

  • Book your reservations early
  • Try a restaurant you usually wouldn’t dine at.
  • Pick a good group of friends or a good friend to go with
  • Avoid picky eaters – makes the experience difficult. Im Just saying
  • Bring Cash – & don’t be a cheap spender!
  • & TIP TIP TIP your waiter.
  • Blog about the experience or at least share someway somehow!!

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