Miss Black USA 2011

The Miss Black USA Pageant 2011 was held on Monday, September 8th 2011, in Washington, D.C. at the Lincoln Theater.

I was invited by a very good friend of mine Miss Black USA 2010, Osas Ighodaro. I was honored to be invited and was determined to show my support to her as she passed down her crown, to the next young lady to take the reign. An actress,model, and advocate for community empowerment, Osas is a Nigerian beauty raised in New York.   This girl is filled with culture, a fear of God, and city swag.


I took 3 friends of mine, Khoran Lee, Alexandria Croom, and Donna Butler.

The show kicked off with a choreographed dance with 50 girls including Osas to Beyonce’s “Who Run The World (Girls).” After the empowering moment, the final 16 finalists were announced. Shout out to Miss Black USA New Jersey ( Nicole Stanley) , for sporting out that natural fro!, natural and from Jersey like me ;)!

Sixteen beautiful black ladies performed a fitness dance, modeled in an evening gown, shared their talent and finally the Q&A portion.



Might I add there were some good questions that were asked, and all of them answered very well.

I was proud of the confidence the girls took to compete. I simply could not have the courage to step out in front of a large audience to perform, walk, talk, and model.

Throughout the evening I took a strong liking to Miss Black Oklahoma (Sheray Franklin) but the shocking part is she didn’t event place! What the crap? I was appalled! I mean yes she may have stumbled on the Q&A portion a bit, but she did wrap it up very well, and gave great answers anyway. I mean even if that knocked her from 1st place, she should have been 2nd or 3rd place. I definitely went backstage after the event to tell her how proud I was of her and how fabulous she did!

Now Miss Black Pennsylvania (Jillian Patricia Pirtle) was HILARIOUS!! She was like a Mo’Nique in the making! Charismatic, confident, and entertaining!

All the girls did a fabulous job, but there is always that one girl who knocked it out the park! Miss Black Texas, Oceilia Gibson!! This young lady is gorgeous and answered her question very eloquently and to the point.

I had an amazing time, enjoyed the show, but most importantly I support and appreciate this pageant for giving these ladies a platform to advocate, shine and believe in themselves in an effort to change our community! Love it!

For more information on Miss Black USA http://www.missblackusa.org

The Miss Black USA Pageant 2011 was held on Monday September 8th 2011, in Washington,D.C at the Lincoln Theater.




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