Mooz-LUM the MOVIE

I took a break from my busy life to look the world in the face and scream PAUSE!! What could I do that would relax my mind yet take me away to another world, open my eyes to new concepts and entertain me? BAM! I’ve heard so much about Mooz-Lum The Movie because everybody and their mother,sister,agent,photographer,and publicist has watched this movie and I have heard nothing less than amazing reviews about it.

So I prepared a chicken sandwich, got comfortable under the covers,and bought my copy of Mooz-Lum from Itunes for only $10! Not bad ehh.. ?! Now I’m really not a movie type of girl unless I really am looking forward to watching, however I figured I’ll give this a shot because its concept is quite interesting. Targeting the issue of Islamophobia that has enlarged and spread after the 9/11 tragedies, Qasim Basir wrote and directed a film about a Muslim college student, Tariq, who grew up in a very strict home and now  battles his determination to disassociate himself from his muslim beliefs in college. It seems to work fine for him until he is left to defend his life when racism and religious division rises after an uproar of the secular student body! Now I know there has always been Islamophobia and all that mess, but I must say, to create a movie through the lenses of a Muslim student and his interactions is certainly an eye-opener, mind changer and heartfelt film. With its amazing cast including Evan Ross, Nia Long , Danny Glover and more, the actors captured the essence of the message drawing the viewer into this reality that we all can identify with even if we’re not Muslims.

We can all thank Qasim Basir for this amazing piece and show him support by buying this movie. It feels good to watch the product of a man whose goal is to shape the minds of people by allowing them to enter a different world through film.

“Mooz-Lum the Movie was made to open the hearts and minds of people. We want the world to be more enlightened” – Qasim Basir

A good friend of mine and a lover of film and everything real, genuine and inspiring, Qasim Basir has delivered an excellent piece!

Download your copy on Itunes 😉

For booking information for Qasim Basir to speak at your college or another location please contact




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