Bon Apetito !

DC Restaurant Week is almost here all!!

I think this is such a fantastic idea for folks, especially us young folks with not a lot of money, to treat and dine ourselves at restaurants we wouldn’t usually check out. Usually we have our fast food places and I’m not solely talking about Mickey D’z but casual dining like apple bees, Ruby Tuesdays,Nandos,  Chipotle or whatever. If we really want to dine out with our friends for a birthday dinner or whatever , most people , at least in my life experiences pick the usual “nice places”.

How about we switch it up .. I absolutely LOVE dining out and trying out new dishes in fantastic environments plus sometimes meeting the Chef! ( I get it from my daddy 😉 )

DC restaurant week is a time when DC’s finest and most expensive restaurants indulge in an affordable experience for everyone.

Gourmet Prix-Fixe Menus
August 15-21, 2011
$20.11 Lunches & $35.11 Dinners

Isn’t that awesome!!??

Well yes I think it is.. So In an effort to participate in this time I have booked my reservations at a Steakhouse for 2, A French Restaurant for 2 and an Italian restaurant for 10. Yes I’ll be eating good with some good people..

Can’t have a great dining experience without some great people and good conversation 😉 !!

I’ll let you know how it goes.. stay tuned..

But for now you can book your reservations as well! Hurry!


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