Mr. Ivory Lawrence

Hello All!! Just want to share with you an amazing experience and person I have encountered in my life. Mr. Ivory Lawrence . WOW. Mr. Ivory Lawrence is a photographer based in the DMV area , who has raised the bar in the world of photography.

Now just because I am his publicist doesn’t mean im contracted to blog about him on my personal outlet, HOWEVER, because I make it my business to share all the good in life so that you may experience, here you go, take and INDULGE!

On a gorgeous summer afternoon, downtown DC, my very good friend ( and business partner) Dunnie Onasanya took Ivory up on an offer to handle our photo shoot for our PR & Event planning businesses. Now this was an amazing offer because not only did Dunnie & I not have professional pictures together yet, but we also needed to sample what our client is all about for ourselves. It was a first class experience I tell you! Ivory had us laughing throughout the shoot, yet managed to capture the realness of expression, poise, pose and character in our images.

He posed us, directing us to ” Look this way” “stand that way”  and my favorite “oo that was good!”

All in all it was a great experience, great photographer, great day and most importantly great pictures.

Check out Ivory Lawrence and contact him for your own personal shoot. He comes with a whole team of stylists and make-up artists for such a great price! (Trust me, the price is amazing).



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Enjoy 😉


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