Dark Girls

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Very interesting and fabulous documentary that I suggest every black woman and man should watch.

Funny thing is, before moving to this country from Ghana ( yes, I’m from Ghana) I never knew anything about colorism especially within the black race. My mother is dark-skinned and 95% of my girlfriends are dark-skinned & if not dark-skinned sure as hell darker than me, so I had this complex for a long time about hating being light-skinned.  I hated putting blush on cause I thought it just looked better on a darker-skinned girl, and I also thought they were strong and had tougher-skin (literally, cause I would bruise easily).

Truth of the matter is I grew out of that phase, & I wish everybody else who still has a light-skinned/dark-skinned negative mentality would to! We’re all gorgeous sexy chocolateeees in my eyes 😉

shout out to all my dark-skinned beautiful girlfriends who are beautiful on the outside but especially on the inside. Is that not what matters? ooo America!